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Helping another member, "remote repair".....   He's working on a bog/no run situation related to fuel supply.

"Hose in a gas bucket" feeding electric pump works. So focus is on tank and pickup line.

Question: Can the fuel pickup be removed with tank in the car without taking out the wing window?????    I don't believe it is too difficult to do.....just wondering if the thing should come out......     (Found every thing else but removal of sender assy...)

The car is a 73 so should have combined unit.....

He has blown back thru lines and they "seem" OK, but unsure of rust thru etc.....  Would like to pull the assy out and manually inspect for perforation or internal crap......

(He wants to keep electric pump but I REALLY like the job that Pantera Doug? did on this one!  In tank pump!)


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Yes, the sender can be removed without taking out the side window. To do so, I unscrewed the metal strap that secures the tank, removed the heat-shield and also the rubber hose that connects the tank to the fuel filler. This allowed me to move the tank away from the window just enough to  enable me to reach the screws of the sender. Finally to pull out the sender you have to rotate it slightly because the float gets in the way.

The job is a PITA to do! Have fun.

Cheers, Carlo

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