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Just saw the Pantera on Garage Squad (Motortrend+).  I have so many questions.  They could have made a 4 hr show out of it because I would like to know what exhaust went on it, what rims were used & tire sizes?  What is with the analog clock on the passenger dash?  Did the AC work when finished and what new ac componenets were chosen?  Brake upgrade?  New wiring harness details?  Paint looks spectacular btw!  Great to hear it fire up.

Yeah. They probably spent 10 minutes of the show talking about how they never worked on a Pantera before and weren’t familiar with it. I also thought it was inaccurate to say there aren’t a lot of resources available about the car or suppliers. But it was nice to see this car’s rebirth. The Pantera is one of those cars that will continue to build larger followings as car shows (Fast and Loud, Garage Squad, Bitchin Rides) keep highlighting it.

The Garage Squad episode came up after I watched the second Bitchin Rides Pantera episode. I have to admit I'm  not a big fan of Garage Squad, I find it awkward and hard to watch, even more so when you know the car type and can see all the mistakes and shortcuts they are taking. I came away thinking it needed tearing apart and restoring properly!

But great to see that your Pantera is on the road and you can finally enjoy it!

I watched it on motortrend+ yesterday with my 19 y/o son.  Both of you did such a great job on the episode.  Your car looks amazing and it's awesome to see it back on the road after all those years.  The strong bond between the two of you came out load and clear.

Garage Squad is about getting your car back on the road, not a 100 point restoration. Now that you can enjoy the car, you can focus on all the little things that are left to do (and we all have a million little projects for our cars).

I thought GS did a good job for a TV show on the car as a lot of their audience aren't car people.

I hope you get to enjoy tearing around in your Pantera for many, many years!

G.S. Pantera, specifics   24k org. Miles

engine.   Hot tanked,all cyl sleaved and bored, mild hyd  cam valve job ,new carb. Edelbrock dist. Valve covers, ipsco ass. Drive, 120 amp alt. 1970s custom made headers ceramic coated., fluidyne rad. Sucker fans, front mt. Ac cond. vintage air ac. New headliner, door panels redone, new front & rear glass installed, sslong throw clutch slave, s.s. Brake lines, universal wiring kit, 18 inch Bridgestone tires & wheels, aviad crankcase, stainless cooling tubes & tanks. Brakes from hall Pantera came with the car,still have to run refrig.lines,orig.seats& wipers just rainex.  As you can see the garage squad did a whole lot in 7 Days.


It was nice to see youse guys on TV having fun with the GS gang.   I'm sure that we know, thru other member's experiences with "reality TV" that not all is real.....and mostly all is for drama and "getting eyeballs" on ads!!!

That said, you had quite a project!   The fact that the electrical wiring was such a non-present item really cramped progress.   I fully questioned the likelihood of their expert being able to wire an entire car with the "out of the box" hot rod wiring setup......  Most notably being able to wire up the front headlamps to be operational, with NO guidance of any prior parts being in place!!!  No knowledge of the questionable but functional engineering involved.......and now how to put it back to right!

Next would have been the ability to get all of the gauges and AC stuff working, again, because nothing was there! (Looked like there was a new Classic Auto AIr(?) unit hanging in the dash already, waiting to be installed?)  Followed by power windows.......but they did a good job of making it run for the cameras and your first drives!!!

Having messed around with Clevelands for years, I had to comment that your engine looked perhaps to be a replacement block, as it was a 2bolt main casting.  Joe does very well with them, but he stayed away from any part numbers or date codes for any "originality verification" which sometimes comes up in his conversations.

I couldn't see if the heads were closed chambers or open, It seemed like the pistons may have been flat tops, but there was so much goo and liquid in the shots we were able to see, that it was difficult to see.

Great to have a machine shop close by that could handle the sleeving operations so quickly!!!!

It was interesting to see that another of this season's episodes involved a 72 Torino with a blowed up 351C in it!   Also a 4V with flat tops (seen easily this time) but unknown head style.....this episodes block was supposedly cracked, so a complete shortblock/block had to be source!   Another machine shop rescue....!

How mild was the cam that Joe installed?  Any spec's that you know of?  The engine sounded very healthy once finally started!

Sounds like you guys all had fun! Even mom!  Enjoy your beautiful car!!!!!   At least these guys didn't cut the car in half and TOTALLY ruin an otherwise problem free another car show recently did, to create a wild custom on a Roadster Shop chassis!!!!  They could have built 'glass molds and made carbon fiber body parts to put on the new chassis in about the same time that they took to cut the car apart and then hack it back together! Just sayin!


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I found out the cam is a hydraulic version of the boss cam. Yes it was a 2 bolt main, probably  the original was destroyed. Can’t wait to start on my todo list .  I have to run the refrigerator lines , and install the side glass.  All in all I am very grateful for what they did for us.   Without the g.s. Help it would have never seen the street again. I am a 75 y.o. Disabled vet and I ran out of gas.  Just can’t do what I used to. I had hung the vintage air unit but the g.s. Ran out of time. My son and I are excited to have a functioning  Pantera.the ac unit was easy to hang

thanks! Ken-bubba and bill hart

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