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I am not certain if some of you know about this, but there is a Gemballa GT5S Pantera here in Egypt, north Africa. Belongs to my good friend Mr. Shalaby, who has owned it for the last 18 years or so. Most probably the only Gemballa modified Pantera in existence. Otherwise there are 3 other Panteras in Egypt aswell.

It was originally a 1971/2 car, sent to Gemballa in Germany, in 1998 where it under went a complete ground up restoration/modification and came back in 1999 to Egypt, a one of a kind GT5S machine.
Will be adding some more photos soon, as well as the Chassis number which I currently do not have.
I am wondering what this could be worth today? The car is in mint condition and was barely driven since Gemballa laid hands on it.

Gemballa Pantera 1Gemballa Pantera


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  • Gemballa Pantera 1
  • Gemballa Pantera
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Gemballa is primarily known as a Porsche tuner. Wouldn’t think tuning a Ford Windsor would be something they would excel at??

that would leave some body modifications but my admittedly limited skill set didn’t find any apparent sheetmetal changes in the two photos posted.

look forward to hearing more about this car, especially mechanical changes made, and perhaps some interior photos??


It is unusual to see the wide rear license plate opening on a GT5-S conversion from a Vignale era car. I look forward to your posting the VIN of this car and some more photos. It would be ideal if you could obtain and post some photos of the VIN plate, engine compartment and interior.

Thanks very much for your post, by the way, and welcome to the forum. It is very interesting to know that there are members of the international De Tomaso owners family in Egypt.

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@peterh posted:

Just a friendly reminder that you were going to take some photos and post them here for us when the owner returned home.

Hello Peter,

Hope you had a pleasant summer.

I sadly missed out on seeing the owner, as it was summer when he came for a few weeks and I was traveling. He did not even open his garage with the Pantera this time round.

I have not forgotten, but it may take longer than expected to attain that Vin # photo.

Hello M Ezzeldin.

I was wondering if by any chance you may have been able to access this interesting car and to obtain the VIN. If you have a chance to speak with the owner can you please ask more about its provenance?

I don't expect there are many De Tomaso cars in Egypt and so I wonder what it is like to import, own and drive one there.

As I mentioned in my previous post above, the car is interesting because even the best conversions of early Panteras to GT5-S specifications typically do not have the wide rear license plate opening. From the two photos you posted, except for the aftermarket wheels, it seems perfectly correct. This car, if it is in fact a conversion and not a real GT5-S, is the best I have ever seen.

Thank you for sharing the two photos above, and I look forward to your reply.


Very interesting that a 71/72 car would have the rear panel swapped out, that is actually the one thing I would also do if I was to execute a GT5S conversion on an early car, not doing so is an immediate give away, much like a LHD GT40.

I wonder if they executed the full late model interior and I for one would be interested to see the engine bay, who knows it may have magically acquired an Embo chassis in the transformation......

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