It must've been a hell of a Christmas ride.  Santa, himself, must have had the reindeer crew pulling it along, 'cause it sure didn't run under its own power!

VIN is 6417, in case anyone wants to see the pix in ProvaMo.

Bidding is at $11,300!  Madness!

My car must be worth $200K if this one is worth nearly $12K!


As of 1/14/19 it’s at 13K!


I’m betting the sale falls through, and we see it relisted....  but I have been proven wrong before!



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 That’s a big if! 

Based on those pictures of the cars before the fire, would you pay 12 K for that transaxle?


I sure wouldn’t!

This car is only for parts, but what parts are left?

The body is weary rusty if you look at the Pictures.

ZF mabye okey, WHO nows! But 12000 NO WAY.



I'm with you guys.... as much as I'd like to put another -2 in the garage,,, it was hot enough to melt the valve cover, don't think I would trust the trans housing integrity....  bummer, that was someone's dream car.

$20k. And I couldn’t get a bid on my 8500 original .mile 73L on eBay 3 weeks ago. What’s up???

I bid it up to 18k, at the last second I got sniped at 19.1k. The car ended up going to Calis, France. New owner has it for sale for 12k euros.  Entry level cars are far and few between and expen$ive! I paid 28k for a rusty roller with no engine or gearbox.

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