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I think we saw that car a couple of times at a show in Yuma, AZ.  One thing I will say for the owner is he doesn’t lie about the car, he just stands there and lets people say what they will about the engine, and nods knowingly when they make a statement about what it might possibly be.

They end up forming their own conclusions (which are typically 100% not accurate).

If I remember the car correctly, there’s some other cool stuff about it (like shelves cut into the firewall behind the passenger seat) that were well done….

There’s no doubt that a lot of work went into that engine bay, but again, it ain’t what it seems….

And again, I may be misremembering the car, but I think it’s the same one we saw at MATO.

RE:  the valve covers…  I posted up the old Hall Pantera ad from PI News for those valve covers a while back.  I’ll see if I can find it, and link it up…

This thread isn’t the Hall ad, but a lot of info on the “16 Valve” covers Hall was selling. Interesting stuff that I never knew!

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