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The story I am told about my 74 is that the engine was pulled when new and sent to Holman Moody for performance upgrade. I am trying to find the best way to find out. Wondering if HM held records today from what happened from the past.  Going to try and contact them but was wondering if they would have makes the block in some special way.

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If you find out anything, let us know!

That would be super awesome to find out that you have a real Holman-Moody block and/or engine internals!

The first clue I would look for would be paperwork from a previous owner, unfortunately it’s tough to get all the records going back nearly 50 years!

Good luck on your investigation!  Seriously!


We’ll just got off the phone with Lee Holman and he said they did a ton of work on the Panteras but unfortunately those records have been tossed from that era. The one thing he did say for sure was if it was in their shop it most likely would have had a HM Camshaft with a stamp on the end of it. We’ll I’m not about to play with perfection at this time so we’ll try other routes.

My car was sold to me with the story that it was a Holman Moody engine conversion! The original owner when he bought the car new wasn’t impressed with the lowered performance of the 73 Pantera and had Holman Moody install one of their upgraded engines. One of the most noticeable outside changes was that there was a H/M remote dual oil filter on the firewall and a clockable H/M adapter on the engine block plus a heavy duty oil cooler in front of the rad. After a few months of ownership I noticed that one of the lifters was needing constant adjusting and figured that the cam was wearing, we pulled the engine out and went through the entire block checking bearings cylinder wear etc. What we did notice that the pistons were the Ford stamped racing type and the engine block was  unstamped , we changed the cam but didn’t check for any stamping on the end, sorry I didn’t know ! I still might have the cam somewhere, I will check! The cam was a solid lifter cam and I changed to a hydraulic! Sad news that Holman tossed out their records on their conversations, I was always thinking on day I would trace my cars history back to when new when this was done! Thanks for listening  Chris V #5075

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