I am troubleshooting a non working horn.

I have replaced the two Hella units with FIAMM units and still no horn.

The manuals suggests that the Horn Relay is in the driver's Side footwell.

Before I remove all the carpeting and sound deadening material I would like to know for sure that this is where the relay should be.

The Pantera has had many Updates including Electrical but the Horn relay location is a mystery

ThanksHorn LocationUnder Dariver's DashFootewll


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Yes, that's the relay panel.  Not exactly a fun place to work.  I noticed that there is a printed circuit board visible in your pic.  Probably from Pantera Electronics.  I can't tell from the pic which board it is.

Below is a pic of a stock '71 relay panel, with the horn relay marked.  '72 panels are slightly different.  


71 Relays



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Thankfully problem solved.

No need to get on my back and work on the Horn relay.There is none it was replaced with Pantera Electronics ACC controller.

Anyway the culprit was an intermittent Horn and was wired in parallel so the bad horn took down the 2nd horn which still works.I purchased a set of new FIAMMs to replace the old Hellas.

I am sorry I doubted Pantera Electronics and would purchase more of their products except I think #11791 has every device they make

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