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I have ALWAYS been a weak-in-the-knees Pantera fan... I am in the phase of I don't know what I don't know. I am going to purchase a Pantera and need direction so I can make a wise choice. Is there anyone on this forum that can direct me? I don't want to make rookie mistakes. Thanks in advance.
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I know the feeling. has some good information. The very best way is to talk with owners, listen to their stories and look at their cars. California is the epicenter of the Pantera owner universe. You shouldn't have any problems finding someone to who will be more than happy to help out. Also, do a search here for "what to look for when purchasing a car" or something like that. And Welcome Aboard!
Hook up with the clubs in your area, and meet the owners and see the cars. You can PM me, and I can get you contact info for the president of clubs in San Diego, Inland Empire and LA (Foothills).

There's lots of cars near you.

Also go to PI Motorsports (Anaheim) and other vendors in your area (Lake Elsinore) and other spots.

Good Luck

As Rocky mentioned, hook up with a club. Note these are all-steel sports cars and the 'Tin Worm' loves them! POCA has Chapters in most States and all over Europe, and many owners will travel a few hours to check out a prospective car, just for the asking. This act of friendship is common in the Club and can save plane tickets and the heartbreak/expense of buying a 'Bondo Sculpture' on E-Bay or other source. The absolute worst thing you can do is fall hopelessly in love with a particular machine without shopping (carefully). Low price is NOT necessarily what you should be looking for! Good luck.

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