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We gripe about how expensive the ignition components are for our beloved Panteras, but I have a new perspective on the cost - they're cheap!

My BMW 328i had the ignition lock cylinder and housing wear out - a common problem on the E36 models - which means the key will not turn (I couldn't turn the car off). For some it locks in the off position and you can't start the car or unlock the steering wheel. The estimate from the 'stealer' is $1,000 to replace! Yikes! The best price I can find for the parts alone for the whole assembly is $400-$500.

Those obsolete DeTomaso ignition components don't look so expensive anymore.
If anyone is interested, there is an auction for a Capri 70-72 Ignition Lock and Switch Original Ford NOS (part number 70 EB-3675 BA)complete with a set of keys.

The Pantera ignition switch assembly on my '72 is 70 EB-3675 B1D and is very similar.

The major difference is the neck for the lock barrel is shorter and will be sunken with the shroud. The ignition switch is the same though. Just cut off the connector. The lock barrel and keys should also be the same but I don't know for certain.

The bidding starts at $60 (no bids yet). Auction ends in less than 3 days. Enough time to check out and verify for yourself.

I was going to pick it up as a spare but I figured i'd leave it for someone that really needed it.

Good luck
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OK, let's try that again....

The switch referenced in the auction will NOT fit in the Pantera.

While the electrical portion on the backside will work, you must cut off the connector as mentioned.

The only other piece that will work is the tumbler assy, IF you know where to drill the hole to release the tumbler from the assembly!!! While it will fit and operate, it appears that it takes a different key blank! I don't have one in stock to check it any further...

The inner diameter of the mounting hole is too small on this earlier switch. It will not fit around the steering column.

Here is a shot of the two side by side. Correct Pantera switch is on the RIGHT. I blew up one of my other photos, and they both carry the same casting number 70EB 3675 but one ends in B1 (70 version) and the other in B10 (71 version). I've gotten word of a Mangusta with a steering column mounted igntion switch...should be interesting to find out which one was used there!!!!


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While the electrical portion on the backside will work, you must cut off the connector as mentioned.

Which was done by De Tomaso in the stock installation anyway.
The inner diameter of the mounting hole is too small on this earlier switch. It will not fit around the steering column.

This style of switch is very common on European Fords. Many versions all appearing to be mechanical cousins. When I looked at that eBay auction, I wondered about what the shaft size was for which they were designed. (Steve has one to photograph because he thought they would fit and bought some. I also have bought units that looked correct, only to find out they too were not correct. Easy to get caught up in " Oh, Looks like those will fit the Pantera!").
PS: I know that Larry is now out of switches

I still have some used ones.

And I'll have some more NOS ones later this month.

Thanks for clarifying guys. I was bringing up the auction as a source for a replacement electrical switch if someone was looking for one. Good to know a couple of people on this board has them in stock and are willing sell them to members(yay!).

Thanks also for the extra effort in providing an actual side by side comparison for the ignition switch assemblies. It shows me that the other part of the capri assembly I thought I could potentially be use, the tumbler assy, I would probably not use because it uses a different key. This is only because I picked up bag of plastic clad key blanks already. Silly, I know, but I like 'em.

I got my wife because she looked like she was a good fit.....! Boy, did I get lucky!!! Would hate trying to return her....!

The "smaller switch" is used in the Euro Capris in 70-72ish. The Pantera one has always been mentioned as being a Capri switch....but now I am having my doubts. It is a 71 piece.... and I am going to guess that it came off of some larger sedan or truck.

I have an NOS GT5 switch too, but it has the main body at a 45ish degree angle instead of a hard 90 degree to the column. I have notes I took somewhere...outlining the different should check and see what size the GT5 switch is! These tended to be 74-76ish Capri's....from what I have found in the wrecking yards. The rear switch portion is indeed interchangable, and some even have a couple of more wires on the back, but I believe that they are for the "key present" buzzer....

Larry-you sure I didn't buy those switches already???? Smiler

The ignition lock is from a European Capri, refered to as 'Mk1 Facelift' and if you are prepared to search a little on Ebay Europe sites they do come up with some regularity. The electrical portion (the part which normally quits first) are more common being used on more than just the Capri ignition and again readily available.

Below is an NOS ignition switch auction that recently ended in the UK, I didn't bid on this one as it went a bit higher than I was willing to pay. Previously I've got good used ones well under 100GBP

There are a few specialist breakers for the early Capri's in the UK and you can always hit one of those up to keep an eye out for you, but it may be at a premium as the Capri's themselves are getting rarer.

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