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Over the past few months I’ve been driving my car “LOUSBBY” more frequently and finally have had the time to knock out some issues. I put some grease in the back of the speedo and poured oil at both ends of the cable and speedo drive at the trans and no more whining or bouncing needle. I just replaced my clutch master with a 19mm bore Alfa one and slave from Wilkinson and it is so satisfying to know I now have a clutch that holds pressure and works properly. My shifter was rattling when cruising in 3rd and I was able to make an adjustment at the universal joint that connects to the trans shift shaft to fix that. My motor always had a hesitation when I went from coasting and then pushing the accelerator. I replaced my 625cfm Edelbrock carb with a 625cfm Holly demon and recently dialed in the air fuel mixture screws to about 1 1/2 turns out and no more hesitation and the car starts right up after kicking the accelerator to reset the electric choke when starting it when cold. I installed led lights recently which made a huge difference. My radiator fans are controlled by a Hayden thermostat probe that was inexpensive however has worked flawlessly for about 3 years. The fans turn off when moving at freeway speeds and kick on when needed. I still have the manual override switch on the dash if ever needed. My a/c that I upgraded to a rotary R134 system in 2020 is still working. I am so pleased with my car right now!


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