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Well, almost four years to the day after I began storing my then-recently acquired Mangusta at my shop she has finally seen the light of day again — if only briefly.

The first step in what will undoubtedly be a long road has begun. Although I am still months away from being able to move the car into my almost finished basement workshop, my Mangusta is finally home. The move was required due to some expansion at my shop that meant the car would either need to leave, or become permanently entombed there.

I was able to call on my friends Denis, Andy and Bohdan to help roll the car out of her comfortable hibernation onto my waiting trailer. Of course, many inspections and discussions occurred along the way, but that made it even more fun.

I was pleased that there were no issues rolling and steering. The thirty-year-old tires were still holding air too!

It was easier than I expected for the three of them to push the car onto the trailer while I "drove". Big Grin Of course, it was even easier for me.

The half-hour drive to my new house was fun because the route there included driving down our "Villa Italia" — the main street in our "Little Italy". As I was driving, Denis phoned from the his car behind me to ask if I intentionally took this route? I said yes, I thought it was appropriate. He said the car was creating quite a reaction from the Saturday morning cappuccino crowd.

It wasn't long before we were at my house and really to "un-roll" to car from the trailer onto the lift.

It took only a few minutes to align the lift and the trailer and roll the Goose back onto her temporary parking spot.

If all goes to plan (and how often does THAT happen), the car will move from here into my workshop before the snow flies, and I'll be able to begin the long process of recommissioning her. Yup, many long days and nights to look forward to!

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A bit more than a year after waking my Mangusta from a multi-year slumber at my shop where she quietly slept in a corner, I have finally finished my home workshop and moved 8Ma1114 to her newest home. I again prevailed on my fellow DeTomaso owner friends Denis and Andy to help me with the move. Although only a few hundred feet, it was much harder than the last move as it involved snow, very soft earth (I will be doing some rut repair in the spring) and temperatures of minus 15 celsius. Lots of pushing and pulling and now she sits. Almost looking too nice to start pulling apart. Almost.

And for those of you concerned about the insanity of having a fireplace in a workshop, I have no fuel or flammables in or near the car and no intentions of using anything nearly explosive near it. It's just one of things that I feel is a good idea with our winters where minus 30 degrees is pretty common. Plus it was one of the only things that was already there when I started this workshop.

It's rare that I'm really envious of somebody. I have it pretty good myself, and those that have better stuff than me usually worked hard for it. Congrats to them. But Mark, I ENVY you your workshop, sorry! Vauw! The walls, the heating, the floor. All of it! I have a wooden non isolated garage, I do a lot of work in freezing (as in below 0C degrees) conditions, my floor is tiles and it tilts a bit. It's damp all winter, any bare metal rusts. And it's small, so when more than one car needs TLC, I'm outside, greeting the people that walk by...

Have fun with the Mangusta
Not only are Mark's spaces well thought out, his choices are what you'd expect from a guy with great eye for design. His collection is clearly, very well underway. The future is going to be interesting to watch.

We can't wait to see the progress on the Goose although I would bet that before it's complete we should see one of the cats giving way to another 'age appropriate' icon. Maybe something in a metallic silver blue?

Mark has talent and balls. I can barely handle one of these.
Thanks for the kind words guys. People who know me well know I'm pretty good at making things look better than they really are, so don't be TOO envious. Many years of 80-hour weeks have led to this. That and not spending a ton of money on high-end fast-depreciating daily-drivers has helped.

Chris, I couldn't agree more. The Miura and Grifo are two of my other favs, but will likely always be out of reach for me now.

Mikael, I feel for you. I'm sure that one day soon they will allow people in Denmark to purchase heaters for their garages. The day we moved the car in it was -13°C and we routinely, like you, get -30°. Check out the view from yesterday morning:

Erik. Maybe if you had a JOB you could live they way I do! Just kidding. Big Grin You have nothing to complain about either, unless the days of your early retirement aren't long enough to wax your Ford GT AND your awesome Pantera. Remember that I have no kids so because I have no college tuitions to save for, I can buy more toys. Big Grin

David. Well, if anyone paints a rosier picture of my reality than I do, It's David. Kind words, even if rather over-stated. Thanks Dude.

Hein, one day I will set up and take the photo that I had in my mind the entire time I was putting this shop together and you will, I'm sure have a good laugh. Please note also that this shop IS in my house, It was the potential to build this workshop that was one of the reasons that I bought the place. The other being the rather adequate main garage, of course. The house itself is relatively modest.

And yes, LIV1S, those are indeed the wheels from Group4 in the UK. They are very nice, IMO and really suit the car well. I've never liked the narrow and inset look of the original wheels but still have mine and will use them for show-use only with my vintage XWX tires.


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