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Originally posted by LeeA:
Denis, I'm curious about the build sheet...what information was on these ? ...Lee

OK, These are sheets to 8MA1266
cover page has VIN at top and destination market noted at bottom.


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VIN, Motor VIN
Carb tag Autolite C6ZF-C (Same carb used on 289 HiPo)
Distributor Autolite dual points
AC compressor ID
Alternator info
Belts info
Transmission VIN
Crown/pinion and gear ratio info

Car section
Steering rack
Calipers info front: cast iron rears: aluminium
Rotors info


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page 2

color and market noted

Shock / spring brand and specifications noted

wheel size and tires noted

Cooling fans and motors brands noted

will add info as I get help with some Italian translation


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Steve, Not all sheets note a C6ZF-C carb, Review sheets for 8MA1114 all that is noted is Autolite carb and the engine TAG is from Jul68 yet the car is a 1970. Had this been a 1970 motor then you'd have a Motorcraft carb (or a Holley if modified)

Someone on this forum had me review much of the info I had. My belief is that a 'bunch' of motors were ordered in one lot and then a few smaller orders. The engine casting dates are mostly 1968. There were some smog cars with the wire holders and smog pump tubes for those US cars needing emissions.


Since the 302 came out in 68, and engines were likely purchased as assemblies, I would expect that they'd have the 68 dated Autolite carb.

Now, deviations being what they are.....I have no clue what determined who got a air injected motor (smog pump) and who didn't! I would guess that Ford shipped DeT "whatever they had on hand".... I have looked at a few cars build right around my car (#878) and couldn't find any with pump.....yet my other car #760 did have a pump setup. I think these cars got a three sheave rear jackshaft pulley....or at least some did.....

......And then there are industrial engines.....which likely came with a 2V carb....and I have no idea what DeT did with did they order some extra iron 4V intakes and carbs and swap parts? Or drop some aluminum intakes and Holleys on them? You could order these parts from the dude at the counter! ...or via Shelby....

Great paperwork though! I'd love to see a copy of mine....although I can only translate about 14% of the stuff there....and Babblefish isn't much help with the techno stuff! You need to find an Italian reading mechanic!

I can't say I'd put a whole lot of faith in the accuracy of the hand written even Ford had issues with their build sheets due to shenanigans on the assembly line!!!! Don't ask how I know this.....

Off to MN and mosquito hell tomorrow!
Anybody know if the US distributor (Qvale's British Motor Cars in San Francisco...) kept records for the Mangustas they sold ? If I believe what I read (that 250 of the Mangustas went to the US market via BMC) then I only hope that BMC is friendly for customer support 48 years after they starting distributing...Lee

I know that Mike Drew had spoken with/interviewd Kjell Q. once or twice and I thought that he had asked about this......but at the point where they got the cars, they were "built" and I presume you got what you got. It wasn't like you could fill out an order sheet to select options....cuz their weren't any! Perhaps you could order a special paint color.....and wait......??????

I'll ask Mike next time I see him. We have the Ironstone Winery show coming up in Sept where there is always an eclectic selection of cars in attendance.....way up in the hills! Gold country!

"Got what you got" I thought Honda & Toyota were the first to pull that one.

One of the European magazines mentions that the purchase price of Mangusta had an allowance built in for a trip to the factory to choose specific options. These came well optioned, so all I can see left is colors, trim (most are black, but there are a few red, blue, tan and one green)and seat style.

Since we have Mangusta color sample books, I assume you could pick your color upon order.

I missed getting the info on the Canadian distributor's info by a few months as it was destroyed after the gentleman's death.
'Jet, both #1280 and #1282 are unlisted in the original Roster. #1276 is shown as a 1971 build. Do not be surprised if your car has details slightly different than earlier or later machines; there are numerous undocumented adds & deletes in most of the 400+ cars. 1970-71 was also when DeTomaso was fully occupied with the upcoming Pantera, and the later Mangustas seemed to have been shoved aside. Indeed, the last 52 cars spanning from 'about' #1136 to the end were finished by a DeTomaso subcontractor in Germany, and have various Mercedes parts finishing them off! This batch also contains most of the RHD Mangustas for UK, Japan and Australia.

The Germany completed cars have a few identifiable features: Floor mounted ebrake handles, roof antenaes.
Does your car have those features?

The popup 2 headlight cars are the US destined cars from 1970+, as the US regulations found them to be too low (some early Pantera had spacers to ensure they were high enough to pass that rule)

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All non-U.S. Mangustas for all years were four headlight cars; only the U.S. destined 1970-71 cars got single headlights and maybe not all of them. Don't know what the fender & grille differences were (if any) for the two styles.

I've never seen a Mangusta build sheet, and the 'Goose Parts List does not mention all possible parts and is in Italian- some hand-written. Good luck.
For those who have never seen Mangusta build sheets, here are scans of those from 8MA1266.
I have copies of such sheets from 3 cars and they are not identical, all have their little tweaks


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Originally posted by Bosswrench:
All non-U.S. Mangustas for all years were four headlight cars; only the U.S. destined 1970-71 cars got single headlights and maybe not all of them. Don't know what the fender & grille differences were (if any) for the two styles.

I was chatting with a guy from PIM and was surprised to find out they converted several cars from 4 head light to 2 head light. Pretty much the opposite of what I would expect to do for value. This was prior to the current elevated price levels. Not certain how many cars were converted but he did mention that it was more than just one. Funny decision since the original design never called for pop-ups. My understanding is that US DOT mandated a minimum height for headlights, and the pop-ups were an easy way to comply without completely redesigning the front end. Fast forward to today where pop-ups are strictly banned in the name of pedestrian safety. Lame.
Mangusta pop-ups seem to have had at least two mechanisms. On a long-distance run with a '70 Goose that used vacuum-controlled pop-ups, we were astounded to note that when using full throttle uphill, in the mountains in the dark, the headlights tilted down exactly when the driver desperately needed to see where he was going! Reminiscent of 1950s' vac-controlled windshield wipers. On another '70 Goose I saw a lever-operated cable system that seems to avoid my friend's terror-based system.

The Mangusta was not DeTomaso's main priority in 1970 and the single headlight model probably only applied to maybe 25 cars total- all apparently sold to the U.S. The exact number might be an interesting trivia fact.
I crunched those number a few years ago using data from 3 registries. My count was 28 confirmed 2 H/L cars. VINS ranging from 904 to 1142.

I have examined 5 2 H/L cars and all had cable operated headlamps.

I do not know why anyone would convert a car from 4 to 2 as historically they have brought less money. There are at least 4 confirmed cars converted from 2 to 4.
and the cover for it. '1076 was somehow missing its lever and cable, even in 1985 Hall had no idea where to get one...You can imagine how incredibly excited I was when a Member so generously ebay'd the one from his conversion 25 years later...
The grille is different (wider) on the 2 headlight car...Headlight buckets and chrome trim seem to match a Fiat 850 spider...


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Good score on the original pieces!!!!

After seeing the "push-pull" cables, I recall seeing something very similar hanging on the garage wall of a local club member who previously had been employed by FMC.....maker of the Bradley fighting vehicle. I think you also find this sort of cable in big rigs and perhaps even boats.

Just a matter of cutting and welding tin to resemble such pieces as the cover, and cutting some thicker steel to make a handle/lever....and you are a DeTomaso production line parts supplier!!!

Some more parts from the Fiat 850 Spider line too!!!

No, the later cars have a Mercedes Benz 250/280 handbrake. Only the last 55 cars have that style as those cars left the factory in an unfinished state. The cars were finished by the German distributor. As the story goes, MB engineers were concerned when they saw spike in sale of e-brake handles and were concerned. Once they found out their destination, the selling dealer and DeT distributor got a cease and desist letter.
Good pictures, M!ke...Scifi, the lever seems unique to the popup headlights. I actually started trying to make my own from pieces used for a parking brake, but the push-knob is pretty special (and follows the same industrial design as the knobs used on the seat rail adjusters). Pushing the knob releases the latch at the bottom (there is a single upright position for it, unlike a parking brake that will have progressive pressure). Note also the swivel at the front of the cage.
I used 72" and 90" control cables (for left and right).


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A quick look on ebay reveals only MB 250/280 hand brakes that are either pull type similar to the Capri version used in most, and a foot operated version...... and some small bits.....

The hand operated version is listed as being from a 1967 model Benz. So the search needs to be for 1970/1971 models?????

Will keep my eyes peeled at the local int'l wreckers for them old MB's!!!

What we need here now is a pic of a late version hand brake lever! Hint hint nudge nudge....


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