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So, it's weekend "hunt the part" time again.  Am getting on with re-looming the car using the excellent wiring diagram.  And I find that the PO has put the horn switch on a momentary switch on the dash and the stalk operating the indicators/turn signals doesn't push in to operate the horn so it must have been changed / swapped out.... 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

The switch in there currently is a Lucas (PN 3827 but seems to have had a Ali end grafted on (which doesn't come off!).  It also has 7 wires whereas there seem to be 9 on the diagram. It does main/dip, flash and indicators but no horn

I thought the correct stalk was an early Ford Capri Mk1 or Escort Mk1 but one eBay listing shows the correct end with the net silver button on a plain plastic end with no legend but looks a bit short of stem! Others I've seen have a kink in the stalk and min is straight. So now I dont know what it should have

Anyone know the correct car model for this assembly?  The only one I could find for my current number is a Lambo Muira.... won't be keeping the costs down searching for that baby!!

Also, could someone please measure the length of stalk from cowl to where plastic starts please?  (MGB ones have a different PN but look v v similar and similar functionality).  My existing stalk is 4.25 inches / 110mm from end to start of silver Ali piece

Should it be straight or kinked?

9 wires?

cheers all


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Besides Lamborghini Miura, there is one more marque that used the same indicator if you can find someone parting a Maserati Ghibli or Sebring (late 60's GT cars), you'd be in luck--but the rest of us have to use the MGB stalk. (btw, not just us, its all Maseratinet has to offer, either).

  Another that is close and actually sometimes available--As I can tell, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow used a very, very similar piece (including the same shape for the knob), but printed "Wash" (actuating the windshield wiper jets instead of the horn).

Luckily I've had mine, but this is one of my pet searches for years. Search Ebay.italy, there are 3 listings there (one somewhat distressed in Germany, one listed as NOS (and probably the last in the world, in Australia) but expensive, and another including the steering column that looks suspiciously instead like an MGB indicator stalk)...A year ago, on were 2 rebuilt ones, listed at ~800 euro...Lee

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