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Greetings All!

Questions for the group.

1) Jeff Peer would like to find a suitable replacement oil temp sender for
the Borletti unit that is apparantly non-functional.... Anybody been here

2) Suitable Oil Pan replacement???? Preferably a performance pan deserving
of a Goose.

I am in the middle of my motor-dectomy on my Goose, and would also like a
new pan. My racing pan is old tech and barely adequate under hard street
braking. However, everything I've seen in the books etc do not fit! Where
you ask is the problem? Front sump racing pans, with a "T" pattern to
allow for more ground clearance (no greater than 7.25-7.5" deep), kick out
to the left and right at the bottom, just where the e-brake pivot/linkage
is, and just where the rear brake proportioning valve lives on the other
side! Lose lose!

I looked at an Avion pan last week that was a piece of beauty! But because
of the front sump "T" design, wouldn't do it! The only thing I've found
other than drag pans (sorta like I have already) is a 5.0L Mustang "T" pan
with a rear sump design. These are those double humper designs... looks
like two sumps, small one up front and big one to the rear. Actually the
front one is where the oil pump lives!

I'm also considering simply getting a stock 5.0L pan and adding some sheet
metal to make a larger capacity version..... we'll see!

Let me know your thoughts and discoveries please!

Thanks and have a great weekend!
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