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No service catalogue, but there is a parts book, in Italian, with hand-drawn illustrations and original sources for most of the parts. A few copies have been partially translated into english. Probably not detail perfect as some parts in my copy are unlisted while there are several listed I never saw before. Some vendors sell reprints.

Note that only even numbers were used in the serials starting with #500, and each year 1967-1971 has different details for various areas of the build. Yours should be a 1970; Euro cars of all years were 4 headlight while U.S 1970-'71s were 2 headlight with erecting bulbs. Good luck.
Congrats on the Goose acquisition. Mine is also completely apart, but with the benefit that I disassembled it myself and took many photos along the way. My car is 1114, so likely very close to yours. Should you need assistance, just ask and I'll do my best to help.


Congrats on the purchase. Glad to see this car finally found a good home. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line anytime to assist with your project. Hopefully JS had a decent order in the dissasembled parts. One good thing is that you are starting with a solid clean body.


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