Our 1974 sold a couple years ago.  Now it's time to pass along the remaining parts and our library.

We have over 20 lots which were broken down for ease in photographing and inventorying.  Too much to attach here so please excuse the fact that I did not individually price or photo for this post.

Several photos attached here as a sample.  Prices will be reasonable. A few items in pictures have sold.

Have the hard to find ignition cylinders, switches and keys.

PI editions back to Vol. 1, No. 1 and POCA from April 1976 to the year 2000.  Would like to sell these to a single owner.

Lots of magazines dating back to the 70's ,books and technical materials.

Prefer to sell by lots but will entertain offers on individual items.

Better pictures and all of the lots will be given to interested individuals along with more detailed info . Can also email me at scaci0153@comcast.net.14761477624625Pantera pix on Sat 007627629631632Pantera parts 012Pantera parts 021553PM Pantera parts 021580PM Pantera parts 034PM Pantera parts 037PM Pantera parts 038scaci0153@comcast.net.

Perhaps I have something you are looking for...




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Thanks for letting me take a look at your parts last month.  (I think I recognize them from the photos - if not ignore my weird post.)

Best of luck on the sales here.  This is a good place to figure out what they are worth and find the folks that need them.

If anyone wants a reference for this seller - she and her husband are quite nice.  I bought some items from her back in April when my family was at Disney World.

I had to leave in a rush to get back to my wife and kids at the Animal Kingdom.  My wife was a saint for letting me go in the first place and she called me with the kids screaming the background.

I bought what I initially came for, but the seller had more... (stuff that neither of us attempted to properly value ahead of time.)  Another run to the ATM was not in the cards and my car does not need any of these parts.

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