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The mufflers I have are definitely Mind Train. Several persons were sent photos, some sent photos back to me of their mufflers, and a fellow Pantera owner in Sedona, AZ who I see frequently compared to his system and they are exact. I also found a website where they were shown on a restored Pantera. See

Background: I purchased these from a fellow owner over 3 years ago who was restoring his car. In the end he opted for a custom fabbed polished stainless system so I bought the Mind Train mufflers that he had taken off. I stored them away and will not use them.

Condition: The former owner sandblasted, sanded and smoothed, then painted the mufflers and tubes with high temp black paint. The tips are in perfect condition and there is no rust. There is a small dent where they pass through the A-arms which I assume was caused due to the larger size of the tubing. OD of tubing is about 2 1/2" (about 1/2" larger than stock or Hall's), and the each tip is 3 1/8" OD. Photos available.

Price: I paid $300 and do not want to profit beyond this.

Shipping: I'm taking a wild guess that shipping might cost $60, anything less would be refunded and anything more I will pay for myself. That would be UPS Ground or similar.

I have heard Mind Train exhaust on only one car, the Sedona Pantera, and it is obvious to me that these things are brutal. I am going with the PI Stainless Power Packs.

In the interest of fairness I will sell to the highest offer over $300 and if all offers are equal I will put them into a hat and pull out a name.


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