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So, times changes, and at present I have to make a few considerations. One bad one is that I have to sell my car, number 5376. Car is located in Norway (10 min from the main airport here in Norway (Gardermoen airport)), and some of the info on the car can be found if you read through the treads you will find if you search for treads containing "5376".

If interset is there, please contact me by mail:
Car is only imported to Norway, but have to date not been registered here. Price is nice...
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Well, it was a little of both. Had to sell quickly to fund my new toy. See below, but I do have to say I would like to get me a new one. The Lambo is one exeptional car, but I have a feeling that in the end, I would like to have a Countach for the fast sunday drives, but I would allso like to have a sportscar that will allways work.... Razzer


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Picture is from the guy I bought it from. It is an old Rolls.

The reason I sold it is that I wan't both a Pantera, and a Countach. But the way Countach prices have been going the last years, I just had to jump into it on this occation since I got it offered at a price I could afford, and since Pantera's have a bit more stabile price on the market I had to do it this way to get the fundings needed in the timeframe available, and now start to look for the next pantera. If I had not got this Lambo, but one at the normal market price, I would not be able to start looking for a new cat for some years..
[QUOTE]Originally posted by No Quarter:
Sorry to offend if I do, but how can you sell something that beautiful to buy something, well, not as beautiful? Eeker


Not offended. I think the sameSmiler It is the same with the Countach as with the Pantera. A normal Pantera is much more beautiful than a Gr.4, but the latter is a much more bad ass looking car, and same for a early LP400 Countach versus a later with flares (Lp400S like mine and on to the LP5000QV). The later ones is not beautiful at all, but just raw!!

And have I done the blue car once, I can do it one more time..

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