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 Unless anybody has even one to sell (!), could someone with a micrometer help me on a few dimensions for the goose front hood latch bracket? 

 1. Is the curved rod made of 6mm or 8mm diameter rod? 

2. What is the distance from the top of the plate to the highest point on the rod? 

3. How thick is the plate? I'm guessing 2.0mm? 

I think I have the right x/y of the trapezoid plate (40x60x40mm), but any help on getting that curved rod in the right place is greatly appreciated! Lee



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  • Mangust hood latch bracket
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Hi Gents, I'd say you have some flexibility when it comes to reproducing these catches....plenty of 'hand made' inconsistencies!!  For one example, the mounting slots were off center and not nice ovals at all, and the slot spacing varied from 28-30mm. Also the curve shape varied by side, with max height (i.e., tip of catch) of 25.0mm(R) and 27.5mm(L)

Here are some other dimension:

thickness 1.7mm (both catches)

edge-to post = 11.7 & 13mm

trapezoid 'height' 41mm (both catches).

As for the rod material, it must be 6mm  - you get this only when measuring the very tip of the curved rod. Everywhere else they vary from 6 to 7mm...due to (I'm guessing) the brazed construction and flow of material.  Here are a few images highlight the inconsistency - the last one shows how the L and R side holes match up -


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  • hood latch a
  • hood latch b
  • hood latch c
  • hood latch d
  • hood latch e
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M!ke and Nate, you are both the greatest...M!ke, glad we've got a date---only question is when Covid allows me to leave Taiwan and come back (!) so I'm so eager to scratch the itch and do something before I come back--even if it means just cutting and bending the pieces (even, I'm going to try and inductive heater for the bends on the tubes...

 And Nate, the best encouragement is the variance between the 2 catches here--looks like no need to get too hung up on the radius or, well, practically anything! I should be able to do this (because if I can do anything really well, it is being inconsistent...!). Wow, even the chassis number stamp is my style...

Thanks again guys...Lee


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