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Hallo Everyone

Has been a long time but I had to fix some problems first, water pipe burst under the dashboard and a new heater regulator valve, cleaning of the interior and carpets. dealing with the rust that was under the carpet and in the trunk due to leaking brake fluid also fixed all leaks closed, all four brake calipers refurbished and new Brake master and Clutch master. adjusting of the carb do get best driving results and now  I must say I am quite happy with the result. And of course lots of wiring that has been changed in some really weird way, but now all is fine and it works. here some pictures

Schöne Grüsse vom Bodensee best regards from lake constance




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The brake master Cylinder is a Brembo Fiat Ducato brake cylinder diameter is the same just the the brake lines need to be changed from right side to left side.The reservoir is a separate ATE reservoir all bought at ebay. Clutch master is the smallest diameter that is available from Alfa Romeo. eBay ClassicAlfa in the UK part CL003/2 master cylinder and Ate reservoir. hope that helps

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