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@cuvee posted:

For Me, Looks to Speed Racer Cartoonish. The Dash with all the Gold is really Gaudy and the Price $3 Million. As nice as the Car may be, it just doesn't Say DeTomaso to Me. At $3 Million or even $850K

Where are you seeing interior photos of the P900 I couldn't find any?

I like that someone has drawn a vision and produced it, so many hyper cars today are a result of computer simulation / generation. I like the looks of this in carbon black, much as I think the best P72 I have seen to date was the dark 'Isabelle' ad car. But not a fan of the wrap around rear wing, it visually impairs the lines IMO.

The historical play on the V12 linking back to a prototype Alejandro had in the factory is a neat anecdote.

I liked the P72 better, but I agree with @Riley the Ares Panther is the best modern day reiteration I have seen of any DeTomaso, and it has the exterior design elements of a full scale production car. Unfortunately, that is not what it was intended to be.  A design similar to that with a flat plane crank Ford Voodoo and a price point near equivalent to a new Corvette would be pretty appealing.  I think it would be great if Ford could have stepped into support DeTomaso (or do their own) with something between the Shelby GT 500 and the Ford GT. A modern day Pantera would fit that nicely.

Yeah, I wish too! I got my C8 vert for MSRP (only one dealer was doing that)... but there was no shot at getting a Z06 for msrp, even the dealer told me that when I sold my car and asked about the Z06 list. I wouldn't get one until late 2023 so I didn't bother. They said they think they will be going for $200-250K on the flippers market. Ridiculous.

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