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Hi all,

New owner here, in Manchester UK. 73 built, upgraded motor - it's a bit wild. I've come out of period Lamborghini ownership so there are no suprises here in fact the main reason is that this car will suit me as a pensioner!  Seriously, I like the fact you can get everything and it's generally pretty cheap - or you can fix it anyway.

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  • 6ctcBcktp8PF9dLlxI8GqAgu63kCETsDDtwhN2Ot (1)
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@husker VIN is THPNNC06233

@lf-tp2511 - I agree, the car was visually not what I wanted at all. I don't really like the colour (an Aston Martin shade) it should be silver. I don't really like the big wheels (I want 15s with high wall tyres) and the bumpers are urgh. But the car was super clean, low miles with mint interior and a brand new stroked engine with allow heads and the rest of the car is blemish free and come from an excellent a dedicated owner. All those factors added up to be the car to have and it was a good price.

I plan to replace the big bumpers with the chrome/stainless ones. The wheels I'll see how things go and the colour - well I have a plan and it's not anything like silver. I like the Lime green... but let's see. Actually in the flesh the car looks more acceptable.

Congratulations, looks great, maybe have the wheels powder coated argent silver and tone them down to look more period. Either way I'd recommend living with and enjoying it for a period before doing anything major. The bumpers will require bodywork and paint to switch to the bumperettes.


Thanks all, yeah just getting familiar with it all for now. Did 20 miles or so today with the nice weather and everything checked out ok. Few little things to sort out but generally it is ready to be used. I use my cars regularly, not a daily driver type, but if it's dry it will be out!

I came out of a classic and modern Lamborghini this year, 1974 Urraco and 2004 Gallardo mainly because the price and availability of Lamborghini parts is a challenge! I'd had them since 2013/2015 so was well experienced and I've had other similar before hand Ferrari 308 GT4 and 360

First impressions of the Pantera is that is feels very very similar to a Countach. Hang on to the steering wheel ! is the general feeling. Obviously not the same kind of quick as my Gallardo, but with the noise and relative simplicity and primitive nature of the Pantera it is a beast!

If you are interested this was my actually Urraco

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