Forgive me Guys for posting this But I have to get this off my Chest:

To me nothing makes reading threads and posts more interesting that when photos are added.

It brings the info to life.

There...I Wrote It...Now I'll crawl back into my shell.0727191315a


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Is the plastic on the ground to prevent fluids from dripping on the floor, or humidity from the floor rotting the cars?

An oil change and Dash2 fluid change are "On Deck"

I installed  the Racedeck Floor and would hate to stain the carpet.08281913360725191916


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garth66 posted:

Nice garage!  Very tidy!

The reason that the garage is tidy is that all the normal garage items are in a shed out back.

That allows me to dedicate the garage to my ( two ) toys.

You could use more space I think.

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