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Awesome work all around. Love the 180 exhaust especially the exhaust opening out of he rear of car.

The rear fender flares are beautiful. You have done real talent there. Any chance you could post a few more photos and information on you build process of the flares/fenders?

It also appears from one of the photos that you may building new front fenders. Any photos of those?

Merry Christmas and once again - great work!


P.S. Your custom wheels also look great.
Thank you David .

Simon my business is collision repairs and painting on newer cars for insurance company's!
This is just a hobby and very relaxing when i can create my own form and shape.
When i am doing collision repairs it must look just like from factory if some one see that you have repaired it you have failed Smiler

That is why i will never do an original restoration, That is just like being at work for me Smiler
Hi Kjeld i talked to my contact at the glass factory last Thursday and he said that my door glasses should be ready for delivery this week.
I ordered only my glass for now! so i can be shore that they fit before i get them to any one else!
I made a steel model of it at Christmas that i sent to them. So lets see how it works out! I will let you now.

Hi Chris I made the grill new from steel ! I think that is easier than grinding!? and not so weak because the original part is some sort of cast metal and very fragile.
Thank you all for the nice comments!

It would be a lot easier to buy the 5s fenders ! But in my eye they don't look right, I want them to follow the tire as close as possible.
And i have raised the wheel opening so the tire is in right place with the car lowered. And then i also have the front panel 80mm more vertical than oem to flow better with the lowered back panel

Its possible to do on the original 5s fenders but almost more effort than making own fenders.

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