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Hi my car is 4214, near the end of the Pre-L cars. It was purchased out of Portand Oregon from a guy who might be familiar to some of you, Ron Wade. He has been around the Pantera world for a number of years. It was represented as a 20K mile, all orginal car. I had a friend in the area check the car over and after some lengthy dialog with Ron I decided to buy the car sight unseen except for a bunch of pictures and a video. Ron assured me the car was original paint. Well the car is spectacular but not original paint. Whoever painted it did a fantastic job but unfortunately not as advertised. I have reponded to Ron about my concerns of his misrepresentation but he has gone quiet. He didn't share a lot about the history of the car indicating he owned it for about 6 months finally deciding he didn't need 2 Panteras for his museum. The previous owners on the title are Charles and Sandra Rennells of Warren Oregon. I hope to speak to them soon but have not been able to track down their phone number. If anybody knows any history on this car please let me know.
I will post this in the car specific section to see if anybody knows anything as well.

im going to give you some free advice on your Pantera. You are right the paint is most likely not original but the paint on the car now is 10 times better than the original. From past experience the serial # on that car is the best pantera produced. It was built right before the first L model. The one thing i can tell you is NO PRE L panteras came with Arriva tires. The first Pantera with those tires were the 72L models.enjoy that beautiful car, mike.....

The car you bought really looks great from what I have seen in the photos. Contacting the former owners might help put your mind at ease, but I don't think a re-paint is the end of the world in terms of value — unless it was done because of a major crash or serious rust.

I'm looking forward to meeting, and to seeing the car in person. I've also sent you a PM Joe.


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