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we're planning to visit Nurbürgring August 8. - 10. 2014, or to be correct Friday 8. and Saturday 9th, before we drive down the Mosel valley to Koblenz and then South following the Rhine towards Mainz and Stuttgart for the Porsche and Mercedes Museums. Smiler

Anyone else planning to visit Nurbürgring August 8. - 9. 2014 ? Roll Eyes

We were there, some 20 years ago, my wife and I (then my girlfried) With a Fiat 130 TC. It was my first time experience With the speedo turning 200 km./h. What a thrill, and a muscular job to keep the steering Wheel somewhat still in the frenzzie.... And this was the ordinary Autobahn, not Nurbürgring Nordschleiffe ! Wink

And as You can recon (20 years ago, etc....) nowadays I'm happy to keep up With the current speed-limits...

Looking forward to an Europeen holiday that starts in Bremen With a week of joyful driving into European history and Castles ! Cool
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Hi Kaw,
hope you realise that is the weekend of the old timer grand prix at the Nurbürgring. An absolutely fantastic event, and really worth spending the weekend on. You should get your hotels booked, or there will be nothing left. I believe that the Swiss or German De Tomaso Clubs usually have a special parking place reserved for them in the club parking area outside the track. You need special parking tickets etc obtained in advance. You might want to try and make contact with them to see if they will be there again this year.
Cheers, Tim.
Thanks for the invite Kjeld !

Aalborg has always been a fun place to visit. Unwillingly also visited the local police station in my Youth....after some late hours in Jomru Ane's street ??... Cool

Last time we visited Nurbürgring we spent an hour or two on the parking lot before we went in; so many awesome cars !! We're going for the VIP tickets With Access to the depots, champagne, etc. Wink Have to entertain the ladies, you know....

Along With the Pantera (under restoration) the plan is to bring along an 914 as well (undergoing a minor restoration); the guys driving down picking up some 4 ladies in Bremen (flying down).

Panther: What kind of Porsche did You test ? I've had my 5 911's of different time periods over the years (in between some MGB's, TR6 and SL).

Anyway; hotels booked, tickets ready, just have to remember the McYver- tape.
Hi members !

Just to Close Down the tread; the holiday went superb !
Nice countryside roads in Germany (turn of the GPS - it wants you on the Autobahn...).

Just 2 guys and 4 women; I thought it would be shopping, travelling wineyards, etc., but they were up to it ! 2 full days at the race track and in the depots and all the other rumble was addictive !
Had to drag them back to a quiet beer and a dinner alongside the Mosel-river....

My daughters, 18 & 19, insisted on returning next year; how happy can a father be ??

Nice Rhine -valley tour and the Porsche-museum in Stuttgart. One of my daughters said: why visit the museum when we saw over "300" of them at N ? Splendid architecture is one of the answers along With the history, I Guess.

Nice re-visit, and it will not be the last !!!

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