I am considering going to the Nurburgring classic GP this year (August). Has anyone been there and how is parking organized?
Any experience that can be shared is appreciated...

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Hi Rutger - there is a Pantera Club who is organizing a special parking area for Pantera drivers over the weekend. I'm planning to be there Saturday with some other Pantera chaps (depends on weather). Clock is ticking so hurry up and pm me for details.


there is one gentlemen who is 'organizing' the parking spot for the cars during the OGP - thats it. No further activities means the rest needs to organizes by yourself.
My plan is to go for one day (depends on weather).
I'll post an update when I have add. information
Will be at the N'ring today. So far 19 other Panteras have been confirmed to be there too (on both days) Weather looks fine so..
I spotted the Pantera's on the B2 parking on sunday Cool

First time I went to the AVD oldtimer GP. Ok, but not more than that. Will not end up in the top of events I ever visited.
We went up Saturday and had a good time. A total of 10 Pantera's and a very friendly community.
Depends to my expectations of the OGP it was good and soundwhise excellent.

We are planing to be there in 2016 but with a little bit more time
We visited OGP as well (Saturday and Sunday). Very good access to the pitlane and paddock. Disadvantage is the pricing of the food at the track and the campsite. We had to pay 42 Euros per person for the one night on the campsite. Also, the atmosphere is not the same as Spa in our opinion.
If we go again, Friday will be the focus - old Alfas racing on Nordschleife. That must be good to watch.

Prices of food and drinks on the same level as other events imo.

42 Euro per night and person for a camping is expensive. We rented a small apartment, with kitchen, laundry machine etc in Reetz (30 minutes from the Ring) for only 31 Euro's a night per person Smiler

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