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And he also won the race! After 6 rounds the leading Zakspeed Turbo Capri Had to return to the Pits because of engine failure. Ralf did a great Job and controlled the rest of the race. The 935 Krämer K3 Porsche was a fair competitor but the Pantera run brilliant. Great Work from Willi & Eric and it was a fantastic race.
Pretty amazing results given the stout competition!!

Starting from the front row with the Capri and ahead of the 935 is pretty impressive. It looks like that same Capri and 935 K3 also had an epic battle at the OGP 2013 event. Here it is passing a couple of Panteras in the second race in this video -

Some times highlighted to save time:

6:00 - Start of the Race 1.
12:15 - Start of Race 2 (and passing first Pantera).
15:19 - Passing Pantera #2
19:12 - Some interesting inter-car communications (I don't speak German, but pretty sure that's not necessary here Wink )

This just gives further perspective on Herr Kelleners' drive this year.

Seems Germany has become the global nexus for Pantera racing - between the outstanding events/drivers and all the incredible Bruan-built Panteras!

Racing with the Pantera is going on since the last 10 years - only the cars changes Wink Especially this serie has more or less the same group of people / cars which faszinates so much. Beside OGP they drive the car in Spa and LeMans this year (together with 2 other Panteras)so its not unusal seeing this car at the race track.
Wow, vintage races and cars are the absolute best! I would LOVE to race a Grp4/5 Pantera. Was always a huge 935 fan too but that Capri is amazing. Watching the driver twist the boost up in 4th / 5th gear instead of a computer doing it is pure awesomeness.

SOVREN wants us Seattle & Portland area Porsche 944 racers to join them again next year at the annual Seattle Historic Races.


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