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I have a huge stack of photos from the 2004 Fun Rally. I’ve made a quick pass through some, and I’ve found lots of cars that I can’t identify. If your car attended the Vegas Fun Rally in 2004 make sure that your car is already set up in the registry, so these photos can be added to the entry for your car.

It REALLY helps if you have added your license plate, and PREVIOUS license plates so I can match these old photographs to the right car. Remember that license plate data is not searchable by other viewers, for privacy reasons, but having the data in the registry is instrumental to matching old photos to your car.

Note that even if YOU didn’t attend this event, your CAR may have under a previous owner.

I strongly suggest that everyone update the database entry for their car to insure sufficient data is present to allow me to search historical data to match these photos to your car.

For owners that are already linked to their car, go here:

Add or update any detail, and click update to refresh your entry.

I know there is a small percentage of owners that are not yet linked to a car they currently have, and now would be the time to get set up. If your car is not currently linked to your account, then you need to get connected right away!

To get connected to a car, you need to share a few photos, including at least one VIN plate. Send photos to . Don’t send links, send the actual photos (and as large as possible) as an attachment to your e-mail, and include your 4-digit VIN in the subject line so the automatic processor can get you all set up.

It takes a lot of my time to process photos for cars that are not already set up, so I can only make one pass thru this stack to scan/add photos. If a given set of photos don’t match a known car, I’ll often just “pass” on the set and move on to the next car.

Don’t lose out on this historic opportunity, as once I’m done, these photos will be “gone” forever.

Best Regards,

Chuck Melton
(The Registry Guy)
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