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I'm guessing 8ma882; The dash says between ~8ma810 and ~8ma956 (2 separate window switches started at ~810, toggle switches moved up at 956). But the combination of rear marker lights and MPH speedo, along with a 2 sheave pulley/no smog pump on the jackshaft matches the Provamo pictures for 882...even, the 'wrong' valve cover on the right side, the rotation of the coin tray seam to the front, no external mirror...and wow, 2 piece seats...the only disagreement is the turn signal stalk.

   (I so badly wish that it could be possible to reach thru the internet and rotate that shift knob 180' or put the spare in the rear...but still, pretty sharp looking car).

  Interesting also, that Provamo has a May 1969 letter from DeT attesting the price in USD and  that 8ma882 was a hi-perf (305 hp) 289 engine (sold first to the son of the president of Mexico...).

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This car looks to be the same one that is being auctioned off this week at Mecum in Indianapolis. The auction estimate is relatively low and I think that reflects the condition of the car. I can see some funny stuff going on with the rocker panels. I'm thinking it's not a top notch restoration. This is the first 1968 model that I've seen come up for sale. Most seem to be 1969's or later.

Greg, after I posted I saw Gonzalo's updates on the car ~8 years ago, and Denis saw the car personally and noted it (advertised at $295k).  The letter on Provamo dates the car to May 1969. And it still amazes me that a hi-po 289 motor was available then, but indeed it was probably the quickest way to provide a ~30% power upgrade to a special customer...Lee


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  • 882 in Naranja

Greg, btw, yes, I think the Mecum car is 8ma882 (2 sheave pulley and missing the knob on the wiper switch...come on guys, those are repro'd   ). Yeah, I see what you mean by what looks like a bend on the driver rocker panel...

Also 8ma1118 is for sale...Both quite striking cars, any way you look at it.

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...good news, that is much more than we paid for our car in 1985 . And that price is not out of line with other recent sales---the best buy probably John's 8ma750 and the probably 'good for the hype' Car's car 8ma1190 at the other end. Let the good times roll....

   But good news, still lots of room to justify a careful restoration, a really good car really may really be rewarded...Lee

Many wouldn't know a 289 from a 302.     Can't tell for certain, but it appears to have an alloy intake, and the "1-arm" bellhousing.... which seems odd for this late in production.    The larger 302 bellhousing could potentially be used with the smaller 289 flywheel but I suspect a starter miss-alignment issue.   Not sure if the 1 arm bh's were the 289 variant..... I thought some 289 versions had a separate AC mount affair......until the 2-wing 302 version hit the production line.

Part numbers would tell the truth......   Hipo heads are distinctively marked on ends with casting numbers, intake, distributor, and carb would also have unique 1967-1968 dated castings.

I remember reading the story of this car(?) and the "spare parts" car that the owner eventually put back together to give us 402 cars????? 

I'd drive it!!!!

Yeah, the letter from the factory this late in production is pretty remarkable...You'd expect by then, that a real 306hp 289 was a pretty precious item to DeT, but when selling to the son of the President of Mexico, a pretty astute move...

  But here, its unusual that a 289 car may have been advertised as a 302--when its usually the opposite sin (sellers use mythology that claims all Euro cars were 289 Hi-Pos and then claim their cars have 306 HP...).

Definitely, the parts manual points to many "solo 289" (289 specific pieces (like jackshaft housing) and the non-smog bell housing was used for ROW.

Pictures on Provamo show it with a Holley and non-original valve covers...geez, who in the 1960s wouldn't have wanted to hot rod a Ford, its amazing any cars have original intake/carb or even valve covers...Lee

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