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We have just had a small delivery of these
they have been out of stock for a while. we have the rears coming soon. However i suggest don't faff around. buy what you can when you can, supply is still a little erratic since the pandemic and that Russian idiots performance. By the middle of next year we should have pretty much everything on line, and in stock, but for now batches are small and inconsistent.
Pirelli delivery of 225-50-15 Cinturato P7
this picture gives you a little insight into the glamourous world of classic tyre dealing. That is the lovely Tom unloading the truck. the other pair of legs you can see actually belong to Pirelli's truck driver.
On the right of the truck you can see our badly organised machine shop, where we make bits for our cars.
On the left of the truck you can see our stash of old inner tube boxes we use for rapping up Borrani wheels when they have been fitted and balanced with tyres. Then there is my vintage ramp and my 1924 Delage. The Delage is on the ramp because it is being serviced having driven to Bologna and back (check out our face book we crossed the Alps twice. However) on returning and giving it a service i found one of the rear leaf springs has snapped off its locating pin. not ideal.
driverside spring


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  • driverside spring
  • Pirelli delivery of 225-50-15 Cinturato P7
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