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I recognize Greenwich Avenue..possibly Miller Motorcars of Greenwich Connecticut one of the wealthiest communities in the USA it makes sense to show the P72 there or perhaps deliver to a lucky customer...

The production P72 was to have a Ford engine.and not the Ferrari engine in the pre-production P72.

Can anyone weigh in on what engine is in this P72


rocky posted:

I would be bummed if my new car was a "Stanley Steemer" like that...  But maybe that's just the new engine.

The video didn't provide a real "DeTomaso Sound"...  hard to judge from 2 minutes of YouTube video.


I think I'll hold onto my $850K for a while....



For anyone who has lived in the Northeast USA winter days often combine cool temperatures and high humidity.Starting an engine in these conditions creates visible exhaust gases that resemble steam in appearance.This disappears once the engine is warmed up.

Spend the $ 1 M...don't forget to add the dealer mark-up.

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