joules posted:

Well there's a lot of reproduction wheels out there, and at least a couple styles of original 10" so you need to know what you're looking at. Marvic are original style sand cast magnesium.

Please educate me. I have a recently purchased '74 GTS and need to fill-out the rear arches with 10 inch wheels.

Actually, the 1980’s 15 x 10’s that were sold by Campagnolo and Hall Pantera have “Technomagnesio” cast into them. Technomagnesio is a subsidiary of Campagnolo. There are likely more of these 10’s kicking around than all of the earlier variants combined. 

panteradoug posted:

Wasn't this a for sale ad? Why does the seller have to fend off adversaries and debate everything? Can't a seller lock the post?

I've read nothing "adversarial" here and was simply trying to better understand what was offered. If it can't hold up to educated scrutiny then I'm not a buyer. That's how capitalism works.

kts5272 posted:

Prices on excellent condition original 15x10 will probably increase once the Pirelli P7 285/50/15 are released to match the currently available 225/50's.  

You mean "if" Pirelli decides to re-release the 285/50-15 P7. Don't hold your breath !!! 

You made your point Doug, I deleted my posts on the subject. The classifieds forum often opens into discussion. Pretty sure I can look back and find posts where you have been as adversarial, but what I really object to is a stereotype character attack as to who can own a Pantera!

panteradoug posted:

A classified ad is not an Adult Education class. You need to know what you are buying to begin with or stay out of the way.

You don't come in and say don't buy these because they are too old for magnesium and go buy aftermarket wheels.

To me that is adversarial.

Yes, if you want something you buy it, if you don't, you don't buy it. Capitalism for sure. What are you a PH.D in economics and are going to lecture us to?

It makes me wonder how you even got a hold of a Pantera you being an Alfa guy and all? Amazing, absolutely amazing.

I posted nothing adversarial. Just a request for information.

The fact that you make assumptions about someone based on a single posting to a bulletin board tells me all I need to know about you. Oh, and I have two Panteras - ha-ha

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