Here is my baby. Very original and low milleage. I intend to keep it original, as I think Tom got it right the first time.


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Shortly after I bought 1826, I decided to add some 17" polished aluminum wheels. After several years with the big shiny wheels, I finally was able to find/afford a set of 10" Campys so I can enjoy the wide-look and original styling at the same time. Nice to have a spare set of "shoes". Thanks Bob!

Wow, you are sure digging back in history! This post is over five years old!

Unfortunately I can't answer your question. My car was originally lime green and was repainted by a previous owner. It is a very clean white. Very neutral and no blue or yellow tint at all.

Your Group 3 looks really nice too!


I clicked on the link you have over your avatar picture and ended up here... :-)

Thanks but it is only on the pictures it is white, but I hope it looks even better next summer, I plan to repaint it.

Have you compared yours with original Pantera white?

I'm thinking maybe newer Audi / VW their white looks really white...

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