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Hi- found this forum and was hoping to get some information on a car.

The VIN is THPNBA09311.

The title has it as a 1986 but not sure if this is accurate. My father was the original owner, from what I recall, and when he passed a few years ago it moved into my garage.

I was curious as to production numbers, etc.

Any information would be appreciated.

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#9375 was a 1985 model so I would suspect that your car was built in '83 or '84 by the serial number and would most likely be a GT5.

As far as your original question, nobody knows what the exact production numbers are of either GT5-S or GT5 cars - Peter has gone a long way to giving a good idea, but until the registry is complete nobody will know for certain.

You can rest assured that it is a quite rare care. They were building roughly 20-30 cars a year when your car was built.
Thanks- this Pantera was his baby.

When he purchased the car (sometime in '87) I actually flew out to Wisconsin with him to close the deal. We were supposed to ship it back, but once he was standing in front of it he changed his mind....we hopped in and drove it back to NJ.

I had just gotten my license a few months prior so you can imagine the thrill when it was my turn behind the wheel....

Seems like yesterday.

My son gets his license in 5 years and the lil bugger already has his eyes on it...
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