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Hi, does anybody know who's white 72 was on display at the auto show? I will try and post pics later and of my newly arrived 72. It was quite uncanny as this was the last car to view on our exit from the show. As I discussed it in detail with my pal a guy standing next to me asked if I owned one, when I responded I did he indicated he also owned one; a 71 that has been tucked away in his garage for 8-10 years. His name was Paul xxxx.. and lives in Toronto. Weird how these things happen.

Regards, Joe
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Originally posted by #5754:
I thought that at first, but Mark doesn't have an antennae and his side mirrors are black (unless he's been tinkering) Smiler

Russ, I had to go into the garage to check mine was still there! Big Grin

I do have an antenna, but on the other fender. You do have a good memory on my mirrors, which are black. That looks like a very nice car. It makes me wonder how many other Panteras around us are hidden away and rarely seen.



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