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I hope Geo. has no problem with me posting this, as it came from the PI News magazine listed above, I hope it is OK.

I thought it may be of benefit to the community, and it is within the stated scope of PI's mission...


PS>  The cover photo is Byron Tomingas' car...  Interesting mags/tires, and no gill on the driver's side...  Things were different in 1980, when people drove the He-double-L out of these cars!

PSS>  I wish I had a better scanner!  I uploaded the pictures at a high resolution, so if they don't come out, you can open them from the box below...







Images (5)
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  • PI_Summer_1980_1
  • PI_Summer_1980_2
  • PI_Summer_1980_3
  • PI_Summer_1980_4
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This is interesting. Mine beast is 1974 serial no 6997 Euro GTS so pretty late in the Ford relationship , if not sold after it had finished. I suspect the body was Hammered out  sometime in late 73 and loosely bolted together very late 73 early 74. 

It was a factory RHD euro delivery which was  first sold  out of  Rome and then privately imported into Australia. 

From the changes section above I think the car has the following :

1,2,3,4,10,12 and 13.

It may have had 6 but if so they were ghastly and I have replaced them. 

It did not have changes 5,7,8,9 and 11. 

It has P265/50/R15 on the back and P245/50Hr14 on the front so it is looooow . No idea where the Rims  came from but they have never been anywhere near Modera. More like the rims in the photo above . 

So a bit of a halfway point in the path to a 1980's version. 



I am good Thx. I blew up the image on my monitor to 250 % and saved a clip I can read it now Getting old man 62  and still kicking smile. I just thought you had the pictures shot (like on your phone) and could email them. I have been collecting data and info about our cars 20 years and I started a project to get it correlated but it is far from finished. I am going to ask people here if they want a link to my google drive maybe it will help someone.

There is never enough time. Redoing my 1999 GT Vert Mustang right now. 

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