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...I believe All Panteras should have a Personalized Nickname from their Owner. I have used the Name 'Kat'. Most recently, I have had a Custom Stencil cut for Me. To be painted on the BACK Decklid LIP, Centered, Letters in RED Enamel Paint, these 'Nostalgic' Words:

'Highway of Broken Dreams'

Older persons will know of the Painting from where this comes.  It denotes a Great Disappointment at the end of a Long Journey. Read Only from the Rear. I intend to Start a Trend of favorite HBD 1HBD2HBD3nicknames. What is Yours?

...Painting Not yet Hand-Rubbed Out.



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for a decade now I have not come up with anything I like.   wants something to incorperate "Tarnished Silver".

since I have only discussed with in the Pantera community, I refer to it just by short VIN.   I even got the vanity tag;

In a recent post show pics of it outside the shop, I called it "Ghost Cat" since I have NO evidence it really exist !

as for a driving slogan, I like this Hunter quote;

"the Thrill of Speed overcomes the Fear of Death"


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