Pantera Project

The car was completely disassembled, every nut and bolt taken off cleaned and sand blasted. Body was stripped, engine compartment, wheel wells and trunk were sprayed with Wurth stone guard and painted black. The body has been painted white with PPG base coat clear coat, wet sanded and polished. The hood and deck lid was painted black PPG base coat with satin clear. The side marker lights were removed and sheet metal was welded in its place.

Original engine, 351 CJ 4 bolt main bolt, needs to be assembled. New forged pistons, bearing kit, the block and heads have been magnifluxed (spelling?) for cracks. The engine was put back in the car to make transporting the car easier.

Interior for the most part is clean, the top of the dashboard which has 4-5 cracks in it. The windshield is just laid in place not installed, to make the dashboard repair easier. Carpet is in okay condition and the car does not have a head liner.

All the suspension parts were cleaned and sand blasted, then POR-15 gloss black, polyurethane bushings were installed in the front and I have the polyurethane bushings for the rear.

19X14 rear rims, 27X14X19 rear tires, 16X11 front rims and 23X11X16 rear tires, car also come with Good Year racing slicks 27X14X19 and 23X11X16.

The car is all stock had 52,XXX before restoration started.

$37,500.00 with rims and tires
$34,500.00 with out rims and tires

Please PM me with any questions.


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Originally posted by v j wood:
where is the car ? are you interested in any trades ?

The car is in Houston, alot of people have offered trades, I would prefer to just sell the car.

This car is beautiful, top to bottom. How many 30 year old cars will come apart like a new car. There's not any rust on anything on the car all the nuts and bolts spin on and off by hand.

This is a Pantera that you need to buy a set of rims and tires, how many cars do you see that have you like but are not crazy about the rims and tires the owner has picked.

And an engine, either build the one that comes with the car or buy one (which is what I would recommend), It's a 351 Cleveland, for $2,000.00 you can buy a really strong running engine.

Add some of your own labor and you could own a Pantera that has been fully restored for under $35,000.00.
Originally posted by danielp:
Hello Chris!

I thought it was the same car,had problems with the pictures.
Are both cars for sale?
If so whats the story of the blue car?

Best regards

I would sell both cars, I need to go through all the reciepts, but hear is a short this for the blue car.

1972 Pantera


351 Cleveland stroked to a 408
4 bolt main block (line honed w/ torque plates)
Scat steel stroker crank (3.9)
Cunningham Rods (steel) 6.125
Aries Pistons
A3 SVO Aluminum heads (polished),
Gear drive
Doug Herbert Roller Cam
Screw in freeze out plugs
Hall Webber intake (Polished)
Webber Carbs (powder coated)
Gilmer belt drive
100 amp alternator (Polished)
Aluminum water pump (Polished)
Chromed 10 qt oil pan
Oil cooler
External sump system


Safety wired ring gear
Biller slave cylinder bracket
Synthetic lube
Triple disk clutch


Steel GTS flares
Louvered rear deck lid
Pantera Performance Square head lights
Pantera Performance mirrors
Stainless steel splash pans


Hall super stopper brakes
Polished master cylinder
Braided stainless steel brake hoses
Polished stainless steel brake lines


Polyurethane bushings throughout car
Camber locks
Rear axle bearings new modified by Pantera Performance
Large diameter say bars (Chromed)
Billet wheel house camber bar

Cooling system

H.D. Radiator
Polished aluminum water pipes w/ polyurethane body gaskets
Braided stainless steel hoses

Fuel System

Aluminum or stainless steel gas tank (I have to check)
Barry Grant 400 fuel pump
Braided stainless steel lines (some stainless steel and some regular fuel line)

burn rubber
I'm open to offers on either car or I would make a package deal on both cars, just PM me. I've been looking at cars that are for sale and they are all over the map. Pictures do not do my cars justice, both have show quality paint jobs. My person experience with pictures is that they make sh*tty paint jobs look good and great paint jobs look good.

The receipts I have for the parts that are on the blue car are around $100,000.00. The car is basically new, but it still need shocks, I haven't even put brake fluid in the car.

I know I'm going to take huge loss on both car, but I would consider any reasonable offer.

A friend of mine put it best, anyone that says they have a nice car than you, will be taking a bigger loss the day they sell it. Frowner
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