Here is the recap of PNW fall cruise. We all gathered at the XXX Root Beer in Issaquah Wa. just east of Seattle on the first rainy day since May. We all hoped as soon as we crossed the Cascade Mountains a mere 40 miles east things would improve.


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Awesome pics. Thanks for posting. Looks a like a real good time was had by all but the bugs. Great to see you Doug and Herman on the road again. Regards to the ladies. We miss you guys.

BTW - we're workin' on coming out west again, since it's the only way we're gonna see you guys.

Regards to all.

What an amazing looking weekend! Great photos too. It's nice to see another group of avid owners getting out and DRIVING. You guys sure are blessed with some of the most beautiful roads and scenery anywhere. I really hope we can all get together again for a Rocky Mountain Rumble Revival tour. Especially after seeing your photos and reading your posts. Thanks for sharing and say hi to Sharon.

Good to hear from you guys. It was a great weekend. Not the RMR but great just the same. It was very cool to have 4 of the couples and cars that made the trip that is already becoming legendary. Robert & Chris, Herrman & Sharon and Doug & Kathy. When I told Sharon that your working on RMR-2 she just turned and walked out of the room, I asked her where she was going and she said to pack. Needless to say we're in. She organized everything for the weekend and got a small glimpse of what it took to pull off the RMR. To everyone involved again THANK YOU!!! We did get a chance to let the cats frolic alittle one night (just to see how the new quad head lights worked) through a river valley with Doug & Kathy right behind us. It was wild. Oh the light were awesome. Sharon said if she can help with leg work or anything let her know. Say hi to everyone and hopefully we will see you soon. Tim
Originally posted by # 1755 We did get a chance to let the cats frolic alittle one night through a river valley with Doug & Kathy right behind us. It was wild.

That was great !! I told Kathy to be ready cause if Tim gets some open road he's going to take off and I'm not letting him outta my sight. Wink

The PNW fall getaway weekend is a real treat. Just a terrific group of people. Easy going and lots of fun. Something we look forward to every year. Thanks to all the Washington folk who organize this and welcome us crazy Canucks every year with open arms. Already looking forward to next year.
Doug M
Yea, you Canadian's are big on the first out of the lot thing. Peter cut us off coming out of one on the RMR. That was before I new the real Peter not quiet one. Well I looked at Sharon and said I would just go around him. That didn't work out so well. But I now know that the front end dosen't float all the way up to 150 mph.
My profuse and abject apologies for any cutting off. I assure you that it would have been completely unintentional and, had I noticed at the time, I would have been buying many compensatory beers. I expect it was a mistake made in my heady exuberance of the moment, because I recall being giddy with excitement during that incredible opportunity to do some real driving on seemingly endless mountain twisties with such a great group of friends. I still get a thrill just from recalling charging down those remote and empty mountain highways with you. It was living a dream.


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No need to ever apologies. Trying to hang with you and Blake was the most fun and wildest times Sharon and I have ever had in the Pantera. Added to the great friends and the stunning scenery I too will always cherish those memories. Tim
Alix & I are determined to set aside time if there is going to be another PNW fall cruise or RMR 2 next year. I finally have the hydraulic lift system installed in my car (thanks to Blaine Carmena), so I can get on and off the ferries without smashing the air dam or high centring. One problem solved. Now if you could only do something about the traffic jams on the I5!
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