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Hello All,

I hope to see lots of CATs at Saleen this Saturday for our 25th annual Open House and Car Show. The show runs from 10a-4p for the general public. I have a space reserved for Pantera's so if you get there after 10a you will still be fine. Unfortunately, I just found out that the Eastbound 91 is closed from the toll roads all the way east to Lincoln Ave in Corona (10p Friday - 5a Monday). Westbound lanes are open. If coming from the OC or even the westside you can take the 60E to 15S to 91W and exit 47 for Serfas Club Dr.

BUT there is a shorter route by taking the 60E to the 71S and exit Butterfield Ranch Rd, and head to Saleen via the backway.  I attached  maps and printed directions from Butterfield exit to Saleen.

Saturday is supposed to be in the low 70s so it should be good day. See you at the show!


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  • Coming from the Valley
  • Butterfield Exit Directions
  • Coming from the OC
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Sorry for any confusion, just got new information from CAL TRANS. the closure will not be as bad as planned.

CAL TRANS plans to close the 91E from the Toll Roads (241N exit 39A) interchange to Lincoln Ave (exit 49).  This section of the 91E will be closed from Oct 21,10p- Oct 24, 5am.
This will  affect your route of travel to our show. People coming from the OC will be affected the most. Those traveling from the East to attend the show will not be affected since the 91W will remain open. Those traveling form the Valley and Westside will be slightly affected.
To help ease your travel concerns, I have attached maps and exit directions to get to our show. Coming in the back way from the 71S, and taking exit 4 (Butterfield Ranch Rd) is actually quite easy with light traffic and few stop lights. Please DO NOT to take the 71S to the 91E, it will be closed.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


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  • Valley_Route
  • OC_Alternate Route

Been Simplified Steve. Just take the 91 E and exit Serfas Drive (exit 47). If traffic is backing up on the 91E you can also exit Green River (exit 44), Go a few miles up Green River, then turn left on Sefras Club Drive. Ignore earlier directions things are constantly changing. 91E is only closed between exit 49 and Highway 15. The toll roads are open and not closed.

I attached the OC route using exit 44 if traffic starts to back up.

See you at the show!


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  • OC_Alternate Route 91E

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