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Just an FYI in case any of us Western Canadians want to head south of the border to join the Washington State folks for a run this fall; Mike T sent out an email on March 25th announcing the Panteras Northwest Fall Cruise for September 11 to 13 with two possible routes:

"The first is a drive around the Olympic Peninsula and down the Washington/Oregon coast, the other is going East of the mountains through the Tri-Cities to Connell, WA and back along the Gorge with a stop at Mary Hill museum."

I can attest the Olympic Peninsula circumnavigation is a lot of fun. Alix and I did it with Rob & Kim C (#9317) last summer and we had a blast. I can post some photos if anyone is interested.

BTW, Tim & Sharon B are organizing the cruise, and those of you who were on the RMR in 2010 will remember they love to drive. I expect this means the routes will be carefully chosen to allow participants to get their ya-yahs out. So to speak.
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Sorry for the delay, Simon. I will only attach a couple of photos here, because I don't want to hijack the thread. If there is interest in seeing more photos, I will move this to the Road Trip section.

In this photo, you can see one of the many massive Douglas Fir and Cedar trees of the pacific rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

The reason my GT5 looks like it is ready to go off-roading is because it is equipped with a hydraulic suspension lift, which was fully raised in this photo for some reason (I don't drive with it in this position unless the road is extremely rough).


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