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A little PC : Also had 2FortyZ on the '71 Z and MGBGT on the '67 B. Gave them both up to go with antique plates on each. Much cheaper annually, and with antique plates you may use Year of Manufacture plates, which I found. To be legal you must carry the proper antique plates and paperwork with you in the car.

You are only allowed to display the older embossed plates with raised date characters,  not the current ones with smooth spots for the annual registration stickers. The change came in '74, so no YOM plates available for the Pantera, with one exception. '74 personalized plates were the absolute last fully embossed plates produced, so when I find that pair of 1974 plates bearing 'PANTERA', I'm going to grab them.

Generally NH is pretty good about collector and special interest cars. No title required (or issued) for cars with a model year 20 years or older. No annual state inspection required for cars 1960 and older. Open wheeled hot rods based on cars 1939 or older are allowed. There's even a registered and inspected detuned Indy car running around (it does actually have removable mini fenders and all required lighting). It runs on Mickey Thompson drag radials.


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