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Members: If you would like to have a picture of you and your De Tomaso added, please forward the picture to me in one of two ways:

(1) Email your picture to the club office,
(2) If your picture is on a photo hosting site like Photo Bucket, you can PM me and paste the picture's URL into the body of your PM.

We prefer you to be in the picture; if you aren't please forward a separate picture of you we can inset into the photo of your car.

Please provide a bit of information for the caption:

(1) Your name.
(2) The year, model and chassis number of your car.
(3) Describe the place where the picture was taken.
(4) And provide the city, state/province, country where that place is located.

George Pence, California USA. Pantera #6018

Chuck Huber, Arizona USA. Pantera #5357

Peter Havlik, British Columbia Canada. Pantera #9517

Ron Southern, California USA. Pantera #4744

Randy Kershaw, California USA. Pantera #2583

Jim and Carol Coyne, California USA. Pantera #9379

Joe Adlhoch, California USA. Pantera #4447.
That's Jay Leno checking-out his Pantera.

Mark Savage, California USA. Pantera #3461

David Berman, Quebec Canada.  Pantera #9203

John Buckman, California USA. Pantera #1490
John is the original owner of #1490.

Glen Roberts, Arizona USA. Pantera #5756

Joe Stockett, Arizona USA. Pantera #2806

Simon Vels, Netherlands. Pantera #9464

Richard Barkley, California USA. Pantera #1549 (aka Zonky)

Richard Turpin, Ontario Canada. Pantera #2214

Rob Barry, Michigan USA. Pantera 2715
His Pantera has been in his family since it was new.

Dale Sweitzer, California USA. Pantera #4284.
Dale is the original owner of #4284, and a long time friend.

Michel Savard - 6610
Michel Savard, Quebec Canada. Pantera #6610.


Images (18)
  • George Pence & 6018: George Pence & 6018
  • Chuck Huber & 5357: Chuck Huber & 5357
  • Peter Havlik & 9517: Peter Havlik & 9517
  • Ron Southern & 4744: Ron Southern & 4744
  • Randy Kershaw & 2583: Randy Kershaw & 2583
  • Jim and Carol Coyne & 9379: Jim and Carol Coyne & 9379
  • Joe Adlhoch & 4447: Joe Adlhoch & 4447
  • Mark Savage & 3461: Mark Savage & 3461
  • David Berman & 9203: David Berman & 9203
  • John Buckman & 1490: John Buckman & 1490
  • Glenn Roberts & 5756: Glenn Roberts & 5756
  • Joe Stockett & 2806: Joe Stockett & 2806
  • Simon Vels & 9464: Simon Vels & 9464
  • Richard Barkley & 1549: Richard Barkley & 1549
  • Richard Turpin & 2214: Richard Turpin & 2214
  • Rob Barry & 2715: Rob Barry & 2715
  • Dale Sweitzer & 4284: Dale Sweitzer & 4284
  • Michel Savard & 6610: Michel Savard & 6610
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warrenvictor posted:
What is clips section??

The top navigation bar has a link titled "Clips" to the right of the link titled "Forums-Directory". To see it you must be logged-in.

Clips are random, individual, or “stand-alone” photos or videos, and Sets are photo albums.

The purpose of the “Clips” section is the sharing of photos or videos, where the photos and videos are the main attractions … and not the text. There are no problems to be resolved, nor any news or information to be shared; those objectives are the purpose of the forums.

As you post your images or videos please edit the Titles and Captions to provide useful information about the picture or video and thus make your post more interesting for your fellow members.


  • Prefix pictures or videos of individual De Tomasos with the car's chassis numbers.
  • Include the names, locations and years of events.
  • Include the names and locations of tracks, the names of drivers, and the years the photos or videos were taken.
  • Include the locations of road trip photos, the names of the people in the photos, and the years the photos or videos were taken.
  • If you plan to upload a group of photos regarding the same subject, ask the administrator (me) to create an album (a set) for your photos.
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Thank you for the additional pictures, please keep them coming.

One more thing … all 17 pictures in my first post took their turn being featured on the forums home page, a feature I initiated in 2015.

If you post a picture in this thread … then I shall assume its OK with you if I  also post that picture on the forums home page at some future date.

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