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HI The spoiler is a piece of plastic riveted into the rear deack. Easy to remove and correct. The amazing thing was the money he invested in the engine and tranny and body work took no short cuts has all the reciepts, then you see this silly piece of plastic, makes you think. The current owner is a machinist and very thourough in the mechanical areas. Like is say the car appears very solid and a good driver or a restoration candidate that would win shows if another 10 grand or so was inveted. Has updated cooling, new carb, new electronic ignition, all the lights work and the windows go up and down to.
HI I spent several enjoyable hours with the owner. Looked for rust and went through the check list, car did amazingly well in almost all areas. Frame is straight, body is very clean only rust found was a limited section under the radiator. This car is a good restoration candidate as it needs cosmetics rather than engine and ZF Keep in mind that I am not an expert on this so my inspection talent is limited. I had a choice of buying this one or another and the other was closer to what I was looking for.

If I had bought it I would

Get rid of the spoiler fix the paint
Rework the interior, seats, carpet, sound system headliner, refurb the door panels etc, dashboard was in good shape and would need cosmetic restoration.

Find and install the rear bumper

Needs a new windshield wiper motor, needs a new A/C system. Install the valves in the heater system. That was what I could find which in my opinion is reasonable given the age and vehicle cost. Or you could just drive it the way it is and go really fast and be happy.
A fair bit, Jim is picking the car up tomorrow and taking it to his shop then we will asses, but coil overs, MSD, Wilwoods, suspension bushings etc...are certain. It is also getting a new airco. That is next to the bodywork. I am trying to aim for a car that does justice to the old design but with todays improvements.
I am going to post before-during-and after pictures.

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