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5715 was purchased completely disassembled. Being a fairly simple car sorting parts hasn't been too bad. I can use some help identifying the radiator and fan assemblies. The rad seems to be copper. Is it original or OE replacement? It does have a tag on it from a rad shop. Maybe it was repaired or re-cored? The flat fans are obviously not stock. Is the other fan style stock? The came with two of those. Does any of this stuff have value other than the weight of the copper? It seems to be in good condition with minimal corrosion. 

Thanks in advance for any help.




Images (5)
  • R1: Flat fans
  • R2: Front-Looks fairly clean
  • R3: Inlet-outlet
  • R4: Rad tag
  • R5: Other fan-OE?
Original Post

I run a similar radiator (A Hall Phoenix), and have no complaints. They are repairable, vs the aluminum ones that are more difficult or impossible to repair. 

Downside: It’s heavier. 

I think the fans are also a Hall product....  they may be a European Ford Cortina fan system...  I think Joules might be able to confirm or deny this....





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