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YES a chance to buy a VERY SPECIAL PACKAGE........

Genuine Ford Racing "1968" (manufactured two years prior to the stock 351 Cleveland) Ford Cleveland Alluminium Block
As referred to by Pat Ganahl in Ford Performance, one of only a handful of Alloy Ford Cleveland Engine Blocks ever built, produced for the Transam Racing Series but never entered.


Refreshed 4 Bolt Siemese Bore Alloy Block
Stroked 410ci
8 New Fitted Darton Sleeves
16 Fitted Bronze Lifter Guides
New Clevitte Cam Bearings
Oil Restrictor Kit
4 Bolt Steel Main Caps
Custom JE Flat Top Pistons
Custom Steel Rods
Custom Steel Stroker Crank
Custom STEFS Rear Sump Oil Pan with Baffles
HV & HP Oil Pump and Modified Rear Sump Pickup
Crank Scraper and Oil Screen
Rattler Damper
Custom Balanced Flex Plate
Crane Std Cleveland Roller Lifters
Std Cleveland Twisted Wedge Chrome Moly Push Rods
Custom Roller Cam 300 degree .685 lift
Accel Electronic Distributor Bronze Drive Gear, & Moly Oil Drive
Pair of CHI Alloy 3V Heads fitted 2.15 Stainless Intake & 1.65 Stainless Exhaust Valves - 218 cc Intakes 55c Chambers
Set of Comp Cams matched Double Spring & Dampers, Retainers Cups and locks.
Crane Cams 1.7 Roller Rockers
ARP Main Studs
ARP Head Studs
ARP Rocker Studs
Ford Racing Black Alloy Rocker Covers
Custom 2V (Pro Stock Style) Dual Carb Tunnel Ram

Dyno time only not Run on Road as yet. Produced 675bhp @ 6000rpm on American Pump Gas (different 3V heads and Cam) for Engine Masters Challenge 2004

The engine block does take all standard Cleveland Parts, gaskets. Bores can be reduced back to Std by fitting new Sleeves & Pistons, Mains can be reverted to std Cleveland. But why do that when you have got 410ci....

A one time chance to buy something rare & special that no one else has got.....

Would suit Cobra Panterra or similar.

Call/Email for price, but don't expect it to be cheap.....
Delivery in the UK will be included, and shipping worldwide can be arranged.



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I would like to call you this monday about your engine, as I have too many questions to ask ... :>)What is the best time ? would you consider your engine to be OK for endurance racing ( 24 H race , 1000 km, ...)- ? What is the price ? has it ever been on a car , and how successful, fast and reliable was it? How many hours ? What is the compressio rate ? Does it run on standard 98 unleaded octane ? Is it hydraulic pushers ?... What is the max recommanded RPM ? Is is forged crank ? Balanced and blue printed ???? and so on .
Many thanks. I am a serious candidate.
Best and thanks

Give me a call anytime calculate 5 (EST) to 8 (PST) hours in advance of your local time.

Engine is complete apart from Std Cleveland Water Pump (Electric or Mechanical)

Not been in a car for the past 8 years, can trace some of the block history to the UK from Gapp and Roush. Has only been run on Dyno in past 12 months. requires Premium Octane with Octane boosters Comp Ratio 12.0:1 Max RPM 6000, Mechanical "Pushers" Roller Steel Crank Blanced Blue printed etc etc
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