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Thanks for all the feedback , tips , info its all appreciated . A few weeks back I bought a clutch master and slave , and asked how do you know if you have effort reduction or not , received a couple messages and did some reading here , who ever suggested to remove the seat , thanks , anyway after  the comments , reading  I thought " how hard could it possibly be " . Ya ok I get it .One thing I don't remember reading , probably need  bandaids maybe even two ? 

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Some of these "GT"s seem to need to have the driver surgically altered in order to fit the car properly. The Pantera comes close.

Since I installed Wilkinson's quick release steering wheel hub I almost find it comfortable laying upside down in there with my feet on the headrest.

Of course I have issues with being upside down in the Dentist's chair with the water shooting up my nose. I seem to tolerate the Pantera much better?

Maybe it's because I have visions of a Supermodel overcome with the scene of me upside down in such a sexy supercar and she "molests" me? I suppose "hope springs eternally"?

Rob, I have seen the same problem with the reproduction clutch master cylinders as well.  The last time was about a month ago.  Having seen it before I knew the problem was a poor seal at the foot of reservoir and there is no fix short of JB Weld.  This time I looked in my box of old master cylinders and unscrewed a reservoir from a dead unit and swapped it onto the new leaky unit.  It works perfectly and looks correct.  Below is the new master with an old reservoir.



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Steve - I was almost ready to use my old reservoir but after spending well over $100 for a new part It didn’t seem right.

I had 2 leaking bottles from the same vendor, leaking where the bottle joins the threaded fitting, and I sent them back on their dime.  The 3rd cylinder was pre-tested by the new vendor and so far was dry after a couple days of bench testing by me.

The cylinders look like they all come from the same manufacturer regardless of who is selling them.

I’m praying that this one won’t leak over time!!!

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