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I am not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes...

Somehow, I have a kph right angle drive on my ZF (806). I have located an 804 replacement, but I have read there are some cautions about replacing the right-angle drive.  I will not be doing the work, but I would like detailed instructions (including diagrams and/or pictures if possible) which I can share with the mechanic who will be doing the work and so I understand what is  the proper procedure.

Does anyone have such directions?


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If your mechanic is truly a mechanic, he will have no problems installing the angle drive.

The caution in that area is to not undo the hex head bolt below the right angle drive as that will cause an internal part to drop to the bottom of the case requiring drastic measures of ZF removal and disassembly.

IIRC, you need to turn the nut counterclockwise all the way, mate the angle drive to the ZF, and then turn the nut clockwise until things tighten up. If your mechanic has initial problems he should be able to figure it out with five minutes of thinking and twisting.


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