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I've restored a early 72 to very close to an original state including correct carburetor, intake, exhaust, air cleaner, deck lid shocks, spare tire, partial took kit and air tank. It has the engine and transaxle that came with the car. I did not replace suspension bushings or shocks.

How would you list this car? I can't say it is original, but it is damn close. I'm not sure about the manufacturing dates of some of the components, so it is the correct part, might not be the right month of manufacture?

Thanks in advance.
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Even if you replace parts that are not original to the car, but are original to it's build, that will be so close nobody will ever know it didn't come with the car. Month of manufacture means nothing. It's the appearance that counts.

Almost every Pantera that is for sale is listed as "Original" but few are. It sounds like you're as close as you can be, but I'd want to see pictures of the entire car.

What about the interior?

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